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Our Vision :  Strengthening our society, One of the core aspects of our Vision, is ‘Community and Social Responsibility’ program across all grades that will get students involved with the community around us for meaningful service experiences.

Sunflower engages students to participate in social activities to raise funds for charitable organisations. Once in a year ‘fete’ is conducted to raise the funds. This type of act inculcates social responsibilities towards the society & helps nurture good qualities in them.

Methodology  : To keep pace with globalisation, Sunflower makes sure that it teaches the students through latest possible equipments available. New concepts are taught through innovative ways, which is done as a group activity.

In the Pre-Primary Level, to make the concepts clearer and the activities more interesting, teaching aids like pictures, flash cards, charts, real objects, toys etc., are used so that students can  touch, feel and understand.

In the Primary Level, Students learn better through play way method.  Teachers observe the child’s enthusiasm in learning subjects to make him/her learn easier way. Every concept is introduced in the form of drama, skit etc because visual concepts have a larger impact than print media. Usage of Visual and Audio-visual aids creates interest and learning in young minds.

In the Middle Level, teaching style is “active learning”. Children are encouraged to explore and investigate, to think about social and intellectual issues on their own, to refer to printed materials, to make use of Library and Internet resources, and to express themselves articulately, making full use of educational tools like books and audio-visual materials.

In the High Level, innovative concepts are introduced through activities which include dramatisation, skit, experiments and practical learning through all the modes i.e., Auditory, visual tactile and kinesthetic, which leaves permanent mark on the child’s brain.

Sunflower’s Vision and Mission:
Technology In this era of fast developing society, the use of technological resources has become an important part of education. Sunflower adopts and introduces technology to develop new methods of teaching patterns. Effective Audio Visual teaching is provided in every class room through LCD Projectors.

Education begins with curiosity. And what begins as an urge to discover the many faces of Mother Nature becomes a never ending voyage. This is where the school’s contribution counts like a guide through the journey.

Teachers at the school make the students understand and learn…travelling with them from one time zone to another to teach them history; help them understand the miracle called life through biological science; make them gauge the value zero has in mathematics… and so on. 

An excellent teacher inspires the child to be devoted, in a nutshell, to perform the best as an individual.

Social Responsibility, Art of Living : Sunflower School encourages students to participate in social activities and organize ‘fete’ once in a year to inculcate the spirit of giving back to the society.
At sunflower School, Students practice yoga and Meditation as an art of living and not as an art of religion.
To explore the nature and to admire the evolution of educational civilization school conducts excursions, field trips and educational trips for the students. 
Child Centered Learning : Sunflower school Adopts And Introduces Technology in developing new methods of teaching patterns
We conduct Skill Based tests called “Asset”,  which provides information on the strength and Weakness of students, thereby enabling provision of remedial training.
Competitions such as talent tests, verbal grandeur and mind boggle are conduced to sharpen the students mental abilities.
Usage of Visual and Audio visual aids creates a lasting impact in young minds. Every Concept is introduced in the form of drama, skit etc., thereby creating a larger impact than print media.
Students are encouraged to participate in various art and craft activities to express themselves articulately
Inculcate spirit of Competitiveness :
Sunflower School Instills the Spirit of Competitiveness by encouraging students to participate in :-
Annual Sports day and Annual day Celebrations
Arts And Science Exhibitions /expos. The Innovative and original work of Sunflower students are displayed in these exhibitions.
The school is one of its kind which encourages each and every student to participate, so that they are exposed to the audience and can overcome their inhibitions.
Integrated Teaching Methodology : Sunflower school adopts a unique combination of teaching through visual tactile and kinesthetic methods. School Focuses on:
Integration of Knowledge 
Development Of Critical Thinking
Problem solving Methodology and
Development of Performance skills to enable the students to think creatively and independently.

Students are encouraged to participate in various art and craft activities to express themselves articulately.

Projects are assigned to mixed ability groups of students, in order to promote team work and enable them to deal with different personalities.

Engaging the students in various group activities elevates their level of confidence.
The computer labs invite creative projects that develop multitasking between applications and thereby enriches the learning experience. 

Co-curricular activities and extra curricular activities contribute increasing students understanding and grasping capacity.
Children are encouraged to think about social and intellectual issues on their own by making use of the library and Internet resources etc.
Our visions to imbibe, ingrain, each child to learn, seek, reach and quest for knowledge  to face and live to the maximum and beyond.


 1.Name of the School with address

    [Strictly as per Affiliation

     sanction letter or as Permitted by the Board] 

     with pin  code no

 Sunflower School, Near Diamond Point 'X' Road,

  Sikh Road, Secunderabad - 09, Telangana, India.

  (i)   E-mail
  (ii)  Phone  No   07207012005
  2. Year of establishment of school   2005
  3. Whether NOC from State/UT or 
      recommendation of Embassy of India obtained?
  (i)  NOC No.    395/DC/C29/GHMC/2020-21
  (ii) NOC issuing date    27-11-2020
  4. If the school is recognized,by which 
  5. Status of Affiliation: Permanent/Regular/ Provisional     Provisional
  (i)  Affiliation No.    130230
  (ii)  Affiliation with the Board since     2006
  (iii) Extension of affiliation upto     2026
  6. Name of Trust/Society/Company Registered 
      under Section 25 of the Company Act, 1956. 
      Period upto Which Registration of Trust/Society 
      is valid
  7. List of members of School Managing 
      Committee with their Address/tenure and post held
  8. Name and official address of the Manager/ 
    President/ Chairman/Correspondent



  (i)  E-mail
  (ii)  Ph. No     7207012005
  9.  Area of School Campus  
  (i)  In Acres  
  (ii)  In Sq. mtrs     4332 sq mts
  (iii)  Built up area (sq. mtrs)     2341.38 sq mts
  (iv)  Area of Playground in Sq. mtrs  
  (v) Other facilities     1 
  (i) Indoor games     1
  (ii) Dance Rooms     1
  (iii) Music Rooms     1
  (iv) Health and Medical Check up     1 
  10. Details of fee structure  
  (i) Pre Primay    46,500/-
  (ii) I to V    63,000/-
  (iii) VI to X    72,800/-
  11.Transport facility  
  (i) Own buses    5
  (ii) Buses hired on contract basis     nill
  (iii) Details of Transport charges    depends upon the distance
  12. Mode of payment of salary    Bank Depost
  (i) Name of the Bank through which 
     salary is drawn
  (ii) Through single cheque transfer advice    Yes
  (iii) Individual cheque     No
  (iv) Cash     Few payments
  14. Library facilities  
  (i) Size of the Library in sq. feet    400sq mts
  (ii) No. of periodical    Weekly Twice
  (iii) No. of reference books class-wise    1095
  (iv) No. of magazines     5
  (v) Others     5
  15.Name of the Grievance/Redressal 
       Officer with email, ph. no., fax no.



  16. Members of Sexual Harassment Committee

    Ms. Rizwana  & Ms. Sreevani

  17. Section wise enrolment of school for 
       current Session
   Class Section Enrolment
  Pri Primary 1 28
  I to V 2 197
  VI to VIII 2 151
  IX to X 2  75


  18. Academic session period     From  March to Feb
  19. Vacation period     From  April to June
  20. Admission period     From  Dec to  April