Methodology To keep pace with globalisation, Sunflower makes sure that it teaches its students through latest possible equipments available. New concepts are taught through such systems, which is done as a group activity.
In the Pre-Primary Level, to make the concepts more clearer and the activities more interesting, teaching aids like pictures, flash cards, charts, real objects, toys etc., are used for students to touch, feel and understand.

In the Primary Level, Students learn better through play way method. They are curious and questioning, imitating their peers. Teachers observe the child’s enthusiasm in learning subjects to make him/her learn in more easier way. Every concept is introduced in the form of drama, skit etc because visual concepts have a larger impact than print media. Usage of Visual and Audio-visual aids creates interest and learning in young minds. In the Middle Level, teaching style is “active learning”. Children are encouraged to explore and investigate, to think about social and intellectual issues on their own, to refer to printed materials, to make use of Library and Internet resources, and to express themselves articulately, making full use of educational tools like books and audio-visual materials.
In the High Level, innovative concepts are introduced through activities which include dramatisation, skit, experiments and practical learning through all the modes i.e., Auditory, visual tactile and kinesthetic, which leaves permanent mark on the child’s brain.


Technology In this era of fast developing society, the use of technological resources has become an important part of education. Sunflower adopts and introduces technology to develop new methods of teaching patterns. Effective Audio Visual teaching is provided in every class room through LCD Projectors.
Education begins with curiosity. And what begins as an urge to discover the many faces of Mother Nature becomes a never ending voyage. This is where the school’s contribution counts like a guide through the journey.

Teachers at the school make the students understand and learn…travelling with them from one time zone to another to teach them history; help them understand the miracle called life through biological science; make them gauge the value zero has in mathematics… and so on. An excellent teacher inspires the child to be devoted, in a nutshell, to perform the best as an individual.

Why Sunflower School?

Great reasons for your child to be part of Sunflower School.
Small Class numbers for bigger focus :Sunflower is a co-educational, day school and the maximum strength of students in each class is 25 with a student/faculty ratio 10:1.
A blended Curriculum :: At Sunflower, our curriculum will integrate the best of teaching approaches from across the world. Children will learn in a world-class study environment through methodologies that will be a combination of western and eastern approaches to teaching, aimed at ensuring clarity of concepts, and the Indian methodology of practice driven towards perfection.

Co-curricular activities: Co-curricular activities contribute to increase the student’s understanding and grasping capacity and also improve their all-round development. Sports, games, arts, crafts, dance, music, drama, competitions such as talent tests, elocution, essay writing, story writing, poetry, mathematical tests and quiz sharpen the physical and mental abilities of the students.
Strengthening our society : One of the core aspects of our Vision, is ‘Community and Social Responsibility’ program across all grades that will get students involved with the community around us for meaningful service experiences.
Sunflower engages students to participate in social activities to raise funds for charitable organisations. Once in 2 years ‘republic day fete’ is conducted to raise the funds. This type of act inculcates social responsibilities towards the society & helps nurture good qualities in them.